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Dinner for the members of the “ Young Europeans meeting” conference. With the participation of : Griko, Athina Karataraki, Irene Valentinova etc Direction-Lighting-Production
Opening ceremony of the European Year of People with Disabilities, attendance of the President of Helenic Republic, Mr. Constandinos Stefanopoulos,  of the European Commissioner  Mrs. Anna Diamantopoulou. Participation of artists: Maria Farantouri, Gilbert Montagne, Mikis Theodorakis' Orchestra, "Different from whom", "The theatre of Tuesday" and others. Direction and production of ceremony.

September 2002 UNESCO
Archeological place of Roman Market. Concert under the auspices of UNESCO for the children of Africa. Participation of Theodoros Kerkezos, a Saxophone orchestra of six members, a 45-member Choir of the commercial bank under the instructions of the maestro Stavros Beris. Lighting - Production.


July – September 2002 sixth festival of samos "manolis kalomoiris"

Pythagorean Ancient Theatre - National Stadium of Vathi - National Stadium of Karlovasi, Phillip Glass, Camerata of Friends of Music Orchestra (Soloist: Elena Mouzala), National Theatre ("Antigoni" with Sofoklis Peppas and Lydia Koniordou), ERT's (Hellenic Radio and Television) Symphony Orchestra in the play "Symphony of bravery" by Manolis Kalomoiris, Concerts of Charis Aleksiou, Helen Tsaligopoulou and Nikos Portokaloglou etc. Eleven concerts - Theater - Production

August 2002
Alexandria's library - egypt

Open concert in the Library's open space. Soloists: D.Kavrakos, M. Farantouri, and the Alexandria - Egypt Orchestra. Lighting - Production.


 Roman Market, concert with the participation of National Symphony Orchestra, soloists: D.Kavrakos, M.Farantouri, and the Alexandria - Egypt Orchestra.
Lighting - Production.

January 2002 athens concert hall

Athens Concert Hall, open concert of National Symphony Orchestra of ERT. Soloist: Dimitris Kavrakos. Production - Organization

December 2001 Omonia square

Open concert of National Symphony Orchestra. Soloista: Maritta Paparizou, Antonis Koronaios and Vassiliki Karagianni. Lighting - Production.

September 2001 Lighting Show HELEXPO

Lighting Show of the inauguration ceremony of HELEXPO exhibition. Lighting Design.

September 2001 thessalonica international exhibition  palais de sport

Open space events during Thessalonika International Exhibition - PALAIS DE SPORT Lighting - Production.

June 2001 kallimarmaro panathenean stadium

Kallimarmaro Panathenean Stadium, concert of the National Symphony Orchestra with the soloist Marios Fragkoulis and other artists' participation. Lighting - Production.

June 2001 herodeio attica theatre hippocratic oath

Herodeio Attica Theatre "Hippocratic Oath", by the mixed 80 - member Choir "Animato" and the new Symphony Orchestra of Sophia.
Lighting - Production.

June 2000 EXPO 2000

EXPO 2000, "The Day of Greece", concert with Maria Farantouri as soloist - spectacle, Hanover, Germany. Direction - Lighting - Production.